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National Sevens Boot Camp, Kaduna

The Club will be hosting the National Sevens Boot Camp on March 27/28 2010.

The recent event in Lagos was the National Sevens Boot Camp where forty players from all over the country were evaluated and a selection made reducing them to twenty-one. The Sevens Camp in Kaduna will further reduce the number to ten or so who will form the domestic contingent of the National Sevens squad.

You will notice that all three of the Kaduna boys were successful for which the Club is to be congratulated.

Below is a summary of the players performance during the Lagos camp, which should serve to tell them how they might improve:


Strength - Contact, support running

Weakness - Passing, kicking

Note - Amos will be expected to contest for the hooker position. Therefore he should practise his lineout throwing as well as his passing and kicking


Strength - Speed, support running

Weakness - Passing, contact

Note - Samalia should work on tackling and passing - especially his long spin-pass off his left hand


Strength - Catching, speed, support running

Weakness - Passing, contact

Note - David has been selected in the academy. He should work on his passing, long and short, especially off his left hand